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Some links you may be interested in. Some are transformation-related. Some are not. Enjoy.

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The Equine Sanctuary
A Yahoo forum for people who know themselves to be equines in human form, or for anyone who sympathises with the idea of wishing to be a horse.
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Single Stride Publishing
Worth a visit!
Arania's Art Gallery
Arania is famed for her extensive tf sequences. Many equines among them! Adult content.
Doc's Lab
A large collection of stories with some art. Numerous species. Fiction tends to be graphic and may offend. Very adult content.
Circe's Funhouse
Myron J Comus presents a very different carnival attraction. Be careful which booth you visit - it could be a life-changing experience!
Gone All Wild
A tf site which inclines towards sex'n'tentacles and were-wolfy things, but sometimes turns up some wonderful equine stuff, such as Equine Transformation 101 on my Guest Art page. Very adult content.
Naga's Den
An expansive site containing a huge number of transformation pictures. Adult content.
The Smoking Pen
The wonderful work of Miranda Leigh. Be sure to check out her web-comic, Mahou Oh No!. Adult content.
The Transformation Story Archive
A large collection of transformation fiction, and where many of us tf fans discovered we weren't alone. Sadly, the site doesn't seem to have been recently maintained, but it remains a wonderful place. It's a bit like an ancient, elven fortress, forgotten in some forest somewhere; abandoned, but still proud. Adult content.
A good collection of transformation pictures, all species. Tends to be a bit werewolf-biased but there are many good equine transformations nonetheless. Filtered adult content.
A good forum for Fur-fans.
Anime Transformation Archive
A good site with a selection of anime-style transformation images from many different artists. There is also a bulletin board and a link to the Oekaki BBS for uploading "scribble' images. You might also enjoy the pictures of the webmaster's Altered Realities persona, Denise - a shape-shifting unicorn.
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Art Sites with Transformation Content
A vast reservoir of creative talent, in almost any media you can imagine. There's photography, pencil work, paint, CGI, sculpture, writing and music. Quality ranges from "Why did they post that?" to "Oh, wow!" You'll have to search for it, but there is much transformation work here. Some adult content, but can be filtered.
Where most of furry fandom hangs out. FA is more geared toward anthropomorphic characters rather than transformation per se, but there is some good stuff here. Also some very wierd stuff, and that's the opinion of the guy who wrote this site! Much adult content.
YouTube is an incredible resource for video content on almost any subject. Just one note of caution: don't read the feedback comments unless you really want to know how far the human race has to go before it catches up with the rest of the animal kingdom. Sad.
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3D Computer Graphics

3d packages such as Poser are a godsend for tf artists, allowing you to pose and light figures to your exact needs. Here are some of the places I frequent both for software and reference models.
Content Paradise
Sales site of SmithMicro, this is where you can purchase the figure posing package Poser (version 8 at the time of writing). Poser started as a humble tool to emulate one of those artist's manaquins used for figure reference. It's now a fully fledged end-user illustration and animation tool, with figures that are pushing the reality envelope further and further. Both Poser itself and many content models can be bought here.
Daz 3D
Daz are one of the major sellers of Poser-ready figures and props, and their products are very high quality. They also distribute DazStudio, which is a very impressive rival to Poser, and may well overtake due to one overiding feature - it's completely free! Daz reason (correctly usually) that they'll make ample profit on the models you buy. Daz are also responsible for the market leading figures Michael and Victoria, and the Millennium Horse figure.
If you can't find a model at Daz, chances are you'll find it here. Quality varies, but some amazing stuff is available, and often for ten US dollars or less.
Runtime DNA
Another excellent source of models.
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2D Computer Graphics

2D morphing made its debut in George Lucas's fantasy film Willow, ironically only arriving just in time to use it for one scene. Having been massively overused and largely dismissed since then, it's now rare to see it, but happily, it's still around. Fantamorph is a gem of a program, featuring some very advanced and subtle features that make this really stand out in the genre. It sells in three versions, but it's the Deluxe version at $99 that really flies.

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