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The methods described in pages are a theoretical discussion ONLY. Methods are discussed in only the broadest terms and I hold no qualifications in the fields discussed.
Because a method is listed here does not indicate that I approve or recommend it. In some cases, I definitely don't!

Astral projection, and its bed-fellow, etheric projection come about when our consciousness or soul is caused to leave our physical body and venture beyond. In astral projection, the insubstantial self, or subtle body, ventures into higher or lower planes of existence, which may follow completely different rules to our own. In etheric projection, the subtle body travels in our own world. It can be deliberately invoked or occur involuntarily during unconsciousness (out-of-body experiences are well known following traumatic accidents or major surgery).

It's fascinating stuff and many people have claimed to have achieved it, sometimes using Lucid Dreaming as a springboard. What does this have to do with becoming a horse?

There is no law which states that your subtle body must follow the same form as your physical one. In astral state you consciously or unconsciously choose your own form, which may well affect how you interact with the astral environment. It may even affect how that environment manifests. Shamanic practises involve such dream-like travels as a communication window with the spirit worlds.

In etheric projection it is sometimes possible to "piggy-back" another creature, and experience what they are experiencing. This isn't mind-control, nor does it allow you to see that creature's memories: it is an experience of pure sensation. Any illusion of control is simply the animal's own thoughts being mistaken for your own.

Many people, and a high percentage of those who have visited this site , are therianthropes or Therians: people who feel themselves to have an especially close spiritual link to some form of animal. This may be simply an unusually close affinity, or it may be that they somehow remember being something other than human. Astral projection and Altered State meditation are good ways to explore this. In What If You Are a Horse In Human Form?, Jason relates his own experiences in this regard, largely through the assistance of a shamanic counsellor, Debra Chesnut of the Four winds Foundation. He has also been advised by John Michael Greer, Grand Arch-Druid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, and Jason has kindly given me permission to quote that advice here.

"In magical language, the horse in human form is attempting to make contact with the oversoul or overlighting angel of horsekind. That can be done either by ritual, if he has a background in that, or by meditation and active imagination if he doesn't."

The latter method is described thusly:

"Basically, the process is to relax physically, breath slowly and rhythmically, and calm the mind. Once there, focus the mind on horsehood as a concept. Keep the mind centered on horse-imagery, horse-ideas, horse-emotions. Through that, without losing touch with it, say inwardly something on the order of, "I invoke the horse oversoul." Repeat it, maintaining the focus on horsehood. Do this for maybe five minutes at a time, then return to calm, relaxation, rhythmic breathing and end the session."

"He may get results at once, or it may take a while. Patience is vital. Success will be hard to miss. When he gets in touch with the horse-oversoul, he can ask what his specific purpose is, and likely get at least a partial answer."

As Jason comments, "I can certainly relate to Mr Greer's comment: 'Success will be hard to miss.' When thoughts, sensations, and images that are not your own start flooding into your mind, you know you've succeeded!"

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The Four Winds Foundation A small organisation in Fairbanks, Alaska, "dedicated to the preservation of shamanic and traditional wisdom."
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