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The methods described in pages are a theoretical discussion ONLY. Methods are discussed in only the broadest terms and I hold no qualifications in the fields discussed.
Because a method is listed here does not indicate that I approve or recommend it. In some cases, I definitely don't!

I'm adding Lycanthropy for completeness as it is a method of transformation. Predators of some sort are most frequently spoken of: wolves especially; bears; foxes; tigers and jaguars, but apparently in Brazil, if you are the seventh son of a seventh son, you are apt to become a were-creature and it may well be a horse.

More properly, as Wikipedia says, if we are talking about general animal transformation, the term should be therianthropy but this tends to be used today to describe someone who is very in-touch with their inner animal or a past-life as an animal: it doesn't denote an actual physical transformation.

Lycanthropy is the disease of the were-beast: a creature that under certain conditions will transform totally or partially into another creature. Were-wolves are the most famous examples ("lycanthrope" actually means "wolf-man"), but there are numerous tales of other were-creatures throughout folklore. Lycanthropy can result from a curse, but is sometimes regarded as a magical disease, communicable as many mundane diseases are: through bite or touch. Some weres have no control over their transformation: others can change at will. The moon often has a dominant power over them, and strong emotion is also a reliable catalyst.

Were-animals are also reputed to have miraculous healing powers, and only weapons of pure silver (which would be little use for anything else) can harm them.

Sometimes the shape is purely physical, but more usually has at least some degree of mental transformation too. It isn't unusual for a human with lycanthropy to have no memory of his alternate form whatsoever.

As techniques go, this is pretty easy: just contrive to get bitten by a were-horse. You've just got to find one.

Wikipedia Entry on Lycanthropy.
Experience Project An account by a modern therianthrope (not the contagious sort!)

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