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The methods described in these pages are a theoretical discussion ONLY. Methods are discussed in only the broadest terms and I hold no qualifications in the fields discussed.
Because a method is listed here does not indicate that I approve or recommend it.

In 1719, Louis Henri, Duke of Bourbon and a high ranking member of the French aristocracy, became convinced that upon his death he would be reborn as a horse. He was so convinced of this that he commissioned the architect Jean Aubert to build him stables "suitable to house a horse of his rank." The result was the Great Stables at Chantilly, 186m long and able to house two hundred and forty horses; so grand that few human beings are ever housed so luxuriously!
Reincarnation is the belief that we live not a single life, but a succession of lives. It need not be the case that we are reborn as human beings each time: indeed, several religions dictate that we are much more likely to return to this mortal realm as an animal of some sort. In some religions, transmigration is a wheel, and we move from species to species in a set pattern. In others, our behaviour in this lifetime determines what we will be next. A third popular belief, never formalised, is that we have a natural form into which we are born time and time again, but occassionally, for reasons unknown, we are born to a different form. In this case we are likely to feel slightly unadjusted during that lifetime, identifying with different likes and dislikes, habits and instincts. Perhaps then an inclination towards hard work and a desire to please others, maybe a delight in the company of familiar people. A horse also tends to prefer to follow rather than lead. If this describes you, then perhaps you are destined to become a horse in your next life, or perhaps you were one in your last life, and your soul yearns to return to that state.

Wikipedia Entry on Reincarnation. The Living Museum of the Horse: the Great Stables of Chantilly.
What If You Are a Horse In Human Form? This book is devoted to that possibilty, by someone who knows what it is like to live such a disclocated life.

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