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The methods described in these pages are a theoretical discussion ONLY. Methods are discussed in only the broadest terms and I hold no qualifications in the fields discussed.
Because a method is listed here does not indicate that I approve or recommend it.

When a deity acts directly upon the mortal plane, that is a miracle. While the Christian God goes in for plagues and burning bushes, the Pantheon we're really interested in is that of the Gods of Olympus. As Ovid relates in his well-named epic Metamorphoses, hardly a moment seems to pass in ancient Greece without them transforming themselves or some unfortunate mortal into another creature. Of principle interest to us is the daughter of the centaur Chiron, Ocyrrhoe, whom Zeus changed into a mare for daring to reveal a divine prophecy. Whilst the only instance of equine transformation I can find in Christian legend is that of Saint Macarius (who returned a transformed woman to her own body - quite the spoilsport), other religions are also forthcoming. The Norse trickster, Loki, transformed himself into a mare in order to lure away the stallion Svašilfari in order that the Gods could score one over the Giants. In this form, obvious having done a thorough job of distracting Svašilfari, he gives birth to the eight-legged steed, Sleipnir. The Hindu God Vishnu also took horse form on one occasion.

When it comes to miracles as a medium through which we, today, might become horses, we see that bible-calibre miracles are distressingly thin on the ground. Atheists will leap on this as supporting evidence that there is nothing to the universe beyond cold science and mathematics. I have a different view. This is a cynical age: the cinematic arts can portray anything on a screen with complete conviction. Miracles that would have astounded the ancients would today be met with scepticism and derision. I think today's miracles would be targeted at the individual: the one person who would truly appreciate it for what it was.

There are two ways a modern miracle might transpire. In both cases you need complete faith that your deity will grant your request. In the first case, on the premise that becoming a horse by ANY means at all would be a miracle, your deity may merely facilitate transformation by non-obvious means: a scientific breakthrough in DNA manipulation, for example. In the second case, you might actually be transformed in the same manner as Ocyrrhoe, but the world would change around you so that to everyone else, you would always have been a horse. Some food for thought: people are known to occasionally vanish without trace. In many cases there are mundane and distressing reasons for this, but suppose that some of them have found a way to realise their secret dream of becoming something else..?

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