If you didn't seek this site out because you want to be a horse, you will doubtless be wondering how a site such as this might come about. Why would a human being want to become a horse? Or indeed any kind of animal?

Wishing to be what we are not is pretty much a human condition: that's what drives us beyond simple everyday needs like eating, sleeping, etcetera. Some of us just want a different career or private life. A great many of us find fault with the bodies we were born with, wishing it served us better; that it was more attractive; slimmer; stronger; even the opposite sex. And some of us wish we weren't human at all…

It isn't a simply analysed wish. There's no single motivation. Horses embody a lot of admirable concepts and people envy that: strength; beauty; speed; grace. If you're a timid sort, horses are large and strong. They're also gentle and amiable; horses avoid a fight whenever possible. It's very easy to envy their easy-going life-style when we consider our own hectic, angst-driven modern mode of living. The horse's sexual appeal should be mentioned too - not for nothing do we flatter or tease each other with terms like stud, stallion, or filly. Many find the notion of becoming a horse quite erotic. But for most, the notion of transforming into a horse (or any other animal) is a plea for escape from our increasingly hectic and complex lives.

This site evolved out of a need to satisfy many different kinds of people. It runs the gamut from those who think it might be nice to try out being a horse for a few hours out of curiosity, to those who hate their human existence and would gladly trade it to be the scruffiest, most ill-favoured pony in the world. It is here for worshippers of our idealised fantasy steeds; Shadowfax and Black Beauty; Flicka and Thowra, and it is also for those of us that know that real horses seldom approach those exulted equine deities but we love them and envy them nevertheless. It is for people who dream of galloping across moonlit prairies with the wind in their mane, and it is for those who wouldn't mind standing in a muddy paddock waiting for the next riding lesson. Some of us believe we may have been horses in a past life and retain a tie to that existence.

So this site is a What If site. It's a motley collection of stories, artwork, folklore, plus a few suggestions about what technologies or philosophies might possibly, in time, make the dream a reality. It's a site of fantasies and conjectures. It's here to say to anyone that has shared this unusual desire that you're not alone (far from it!). And above all, it is hopefully an enjoyable distraction for an hour or two. Come in and horse around!