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Tales of Equine Transformation sorted by Name
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All Change at Wamble by Destrier
A surreal tale: Bob is the postman for the changeable town of Wamble, but he has a dream, if only he can get a Ticket for it...

All the King's Horses by Kara 10/9/2012
The invading army is very vulnerable to mounted troops, but knowing this, they launched pre-emptive strikes at Telvis' cavelry bases and now there is scarcely an able-bodied warhorse in the kingdom. How to redress this desperate shortfall?

The Arrangement by Destrier
A young man unwillingly marooned on Circe's island with a mob of lager louts makes a deal with the sorceress to avoid sharing their fate.

Ballad of the Virgin Bride by Yvon S Hintz
A young lord seeks a perfect, virgin maiden to be his bride, and to this end acquires a unicorn. He just can't find the right woman though, and eventually realises he's missing the obvious...

Beast Dance by Destrier
Whilst on a round-the-world charity ride, a traveller and his mare are invited to participate in a strange dance in a remote African village.

Beta Test by Destrier
You've seen morphing programs or their results, from Michael Jackson videos to Deep Space Nine. Polymorph Pro beats them all!

Boston Schneider and the Last Lost Legend by Destrier
Searching for the Ultimate Knowledge of Life, the Universe, and how to change himself into a donkey, our hero tracks down the long lost ruins of... Pleasure Island?

Boston Schneider and the Riddle of the Sphinx by Destrier
What walks upon four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the afternoon? Boston Schneider, intrepid adventurer and wouldbe-donkey, knows the answer, but it's not the one the Sphinx was thinking of!

Boston Schneider and the Temple of Groom by Destrier
Our intrepid wouldbe-donkey has a close brush with fate.

Bottom Up by Bob Stein
Andy Parker has uncovered a seemingly incredible Hollywood secret. It seems that only one person is actually responsible for almost all the great movie-creature makeup, while others have taken the credit. And when just asking about that person gets him fired from his job, he wants to know more.

The Bravest Test Of All by Destrier
Every hundred years comes the Year of the Horse, when the Sri-hi transform the strongest, fastest, most virile man in the village into a plains stallion, the highest of honours. Joh-hi is surely the perfect candidate, if only he can pass the last test...

Captive Lover by Destrier
Never seek to become a horse for sexual gratification. A cautionary tale with a wry twist!

Cartoons by Destrier
An old theory says that when an artist or writer creates something, it actually happens somewhere. I got to wondering what might happen if this were true?

The Centaur's Daughter by Destrier
A retelling of the fate of Ocyrrhoe, the daughter of the centaur Chiron. The original story (from Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book II) is here retold by Ocyrrhoe herself.

Circle by Destrier
A hiker learns too late that Epona's Circle isn't just a circle of stones. It's a circle in Time.

Chastising Lon by Destrier
A shape-shifting faerie sees a way to teach a cruel and unscrupulous horse-dealer a lasting lesson.

Circe's Funhouse by Bob Stein
Four youths trespassing on a funfair by night, stumble across a unique collection of sideshows which seems to have opened specially for them. All of them seem to have a strong animal theme...

The Circus of Delights by Destrier
When he visits a shabby street circus in Camden, John becomes absolutely obsessed with the exotic equestrian performer, Mirabeau. He'll do anything if it means he can see her again.

Decoy by Destrier
Not a transformation story as such; this is a little sci-fi tale of infiltration and deception.

Derby Day by Destrier
It's a joke: a young man runs a few yards along the race-course at Epsom, just so he can tell his friends, 'I ran at Epsom on Derby Day'.

Do It Yourself by Destrier
A mini-sequel to Hell Hath No Fury, this teaches the folly of making smart-alec jokes when there are witches about.

Donkey by Picklejuice
A spell gone awry has dire consequences for a young magic-user!

The Donkey File by Destrier
A photograph is innocently misfiled under Transformation/Donkeys with unexpected results.

Donkey Soda by Destrier
A sweltering day in Boston, MA. So nice of that old man to give Eric a can of Pleasure Island soda...

Emperor of Exmoor by Bob Stein 31/12/2010
Part of a story exchange between Bob and I. This is actually a red deer transformation, but an excellent story nonetheless.

The Escape by Destrier
The plan to raid the Sh'vrie Vault has gone badly wrong, and now Kesh and Silvidrana have an entire clan of angry Sh'vrie on their heels. Silvidrana persuades Kesh to use the Wild Magic and it seems they are saved, but Kesh isn't so sure...

The First Horse by Destrier
One man in all of Creation is unhappy: he envies the beautiful unicorns that live side by side with his own race. He wants to be one, and he begs the Creator to tranform him into one. He is told this isn't possible, but that there might be an alternative...

Forest Magic by Destrier
On a cycle ride in England's New Forest, a drink from a woodland stream has an unexpected effect.

Gift Horse by Destrier
Josh agrees to look after a striking green-eyed stallion and his mares, but when local disappearances begin and an equal number of strange new mares appear in the stallion's herd, Josh begins to get suspicious.

The Good Samaritan by Bob Stein
Mike saves two Clydedale mares from a potentially nasty accident and their owner invites him to visit their stable. Little does he suspect the amazing reward to offered him.

Happy Valley by T C Lin
Shiu Wai's libido gets him into trouble when he boasts to a mysterious woman of his prowess in bed...

Hell Hath No Fury by Destrier
Elizabeth was fouly tricked into wearing a cursed ring that transformed her into a mare. A benevolent witch restores her to humanity, and now she wants revenge...

The Housemaid's Lament by Paul Exton
Suppose during a certain fairytale, Cinderella didn't fancy the Handsome Prince, but the Coachman instead? What's a poor fairy-godmother to do?

The Importance of Pronunciation by Destrier
A carelessly pronounced wish and some very literal Chinese magic produce some very unfortunate consequences for cockney businessman Richard Boyce.

An Irish Tail by Destrier
A slightly altered version of Tom Lehrer's classic Irish Ballad. You know the one: 'About a maid I'll sing a song...'

The Knight's Steed by Bucephalus 20/7/2012
Alex longs to be something more than the mediocre non-person he feels himself to be. When a mysterious voice offers sympathy and a way to realise his dream of heroism, he has little idea what is in store for him...

A Knock on the Head by Destrier
Have you ever has the nagging suspicion that shape changing ought to be really easy, if only you knew the secret? Inspiration strikes a young man after a sharp knock on the head...

Life Ain't Easy for a Boy Turned Mare! by Destrier 28/3/2012
Something Johnny Cash might have written if he'd been an equine TF fan...

The Loose-Box by Destrier
All the horses in the stable have human names, neatly identified by the plaques on the doors to their loose-boxes. Then a stable worker finds a mysterious empty box with a blank name-plate where none was before...

The Magic Button by Destrier
Believe it or not, I actually read this story at the age of seven in a school reading-primer: um, Rainbow Readers I think it was. That was a long time ago, but I've always remembered it, and this is the rewriting of it.

Magii Games by Destrier
Finrael is being coerced by Lord Kevron to infiltrate a rival wizard's stronghold using her revolutionary shape-shifting magic. Is there a way to save both herself and Kevron's quarry, and what might be the price?

Men in Grey by Destrier
Suppose there was an organisation responsible for making sure Reality takes place as planned: auditors of Creation. Suppose a hiccup had occurred, and you were actually born to the wrong species..?

The Most Magical Place in the World! by Destrier 27/2/11
Acting on a whim, Bob visits Disney's Animal Kingdom. An interesting conversation leads to an astonishing job offer, and an amazing secret.

Mouthpiece by Bob Stein 4/12/2010
The redoubtable Mr Schneider gets a little more than he bargained for when he tries a little too hard to get a photo of the racehorse "Mouthpiece".

Nativity by Destrier
This is a tongue-in-cheek poke at the Nativity story. No offence is intended to the original.

Night Mares by Bob Stein
A man wakes up to find himself transforming into a fine black stallion, and his room fading into another world. He's been granted a choice: live as he was, as a human, or adopt a new life as a horse.

Off the Rails by Destrier
If you've ever travelled by train, you'll know that some of the excuses for delays can seem a little far-fetched. The truth can be far stranger though.

The Other Side of the Fence by Bob Stein
When Matthew stops to pet a friendly mare at the side of the road, he thinks nothing more of it than befriending a beautiful animal. Then a strange woman arrives and urges him to climb into the field and stroke her properly. And then it all gets a little strange...

The Path by Bob Stein
Geoff explores a path he's never walked before in an area he thought he knew well, but soon finds himself in pastures new. VERY new!

The Pembroke Gate by Destrier
Christmas is a lonely time of year and Sara is a lonely person. Hoping to break the mood, she tries a riding holiday in Massachusetts. A solo hack on a very independent mare, and Sara will never be lonely again...

The Perfect Job by Bob Stein
James thinks he has it made on Haskin's Planet. The colonial contract obligates the colony to pay his way until "suitable employment" is found for him, and James is very, very good at being unsuitable. He figures he's made for life, until they call in a Circean Mage...

Perfect Sympathy by J.B.Burro 29/3/2011
A mistreated horse wishes her callous owner could just understand what he is putting her through.

Petshop Exotica by Destrier
A love-sick youth is completely unable to make an impression on the unicorn-mad girl he's fallen for. There's only one thing she wants...

Playing Horsie by Destrier
Martin gets a kick out of playing Horsie with his young daughter Jennifer. Then she persuades him to wear a rope halter that 'the witch' gave her, and the game becomes rather more real than Martin had foreseen...

Ponderings by Bob Stein
A bit of soul-baring from one of the Masters of Equine shape-shifting fiction.

Possibilities by Bob Stein and Eric Schneider
A masterpiece! There's a nasty secret festering on the Pratchett Sisters' broken down farmstead. Innocent travellers are being transformed into horses, but that's the least of their problems!

The Power of Voodoo. Who do? You do ! by Destrier
A little girl plays at turning a corn-dolly into a corn-donkey. Meanwhile, her elder sister starts to feel a little strange.

Rash Decision by Stephanie
DNA nanovirus transformations are all the rage, and centaurs are much valued for manual labour. Robert has fallen in love with a pretty female centaur, but has no idea how to approach her. Going out on a limb, he buys an illegal black-market DNA virus and becomes a centaur himself - only to find himself with the rare condition Gifford's Syndrome: his upper body might be that of a man, but his equine half is a fully-functional mare! Has he paid for a stupid mistake, or might fate have thrown him a completely unexpected favour?

The Same Old Gifts by Destrier
Socks. Bath salts. The usual Christmas gifts, well meant, but seldom appreciated. Perhaps you shouldn't take them for granted...

Schrödinger's Horse by Destrier
'Black Project' Midas goes wrong. Instead of using a macro-quantum effect to turn an orbitting sample into gold, a young man on earth finds himself undergoing a bewildering transformation.

Second Chance by Destrier
A train driver is returning some empty stock to the depot when, during an unexpected fog, he is side-tracked, quite literally! Offered a life in another reality as an alternative to an imminent crash, he jumps at the chance, but not in quite the manner his saviour had anticipated...

Signs of Change by Destrier
Four mini-stories suggested by signs. We have a bovine transformation; a donkey; a horse; and even a pig.

Stablemates by Kiliq
The wife of a horse vet is accidentally injected with a prototype equine steroid: a life-changing event in many ways.

A Stallion's Kiss by Destrier
Cerrans are horses apart. They're the steeds of mages and legend says they're descended from Unicorns. When one comes to Miss Tieburn's Riding School, Shenti and Kessi are awe-struck. A childish dare has unexpected consequences.

The Strange Abduction of Dr Bob by Destrier
Dr Bob is abducted by aliens. They're pretty benevolent, but they're non-corporeal, which causes a bit of a language-barrier.

The Test by Destrier
If you want to become a mage, you must pass the test of the High Council of the Tower. Those that fail are never seen again. But Timbrell isn't going to fail...

Tongue-Tied by Destrier
Against his sister's advice, Daniel tries out a transformation spell, and finds it is no more difficult than speaking a short cantrip. But the adventure turns sour when he discovers a slight impediment to speaking the return spell.

Tradition by Bob Stein
True magic is found in Tradition: long-practiced rites honed to power by generations of ceremony. Russ gets an old African woman to show him the magic that will turn him into a zebra, but tradition is more than just a shape-shift...

The Trouble with Ashley by Destrier
It would be wise to humour Ashley. There's something about this strange, self-possessed little boy: something about his toy rabbit and missing Aunt Sara; the farm's pig he calls his brother. But Jason isn't wise and he really hates that stupid TV program that Ashley is obsessed with: 'Harry the Horse'. Well, he was warned...

Wish You Were Here by Destrier
Horse-drawn caravan holidays with a difference: you pull the caravan! A postcard from a perfect holiday...

White Knight by Bob Stein & Jon Sleeper
Mallory Greene makes the mistake of falling in love with Sir Arthur Baron's young wife, Isold. For punishment he is transformed into the stallion, White Knight. But Mallory's transformation is but a step in Baron's dark design, for he is seeking to snare a Unicorn using Isold and Mallory as bait.